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Bone Collar #24

Bone Collar
$75.00 US

Buffalo bone with red and black beads. Fits 11" neck or larger.

Bone Collar #25

Bone Collar
$75.00 US

Bull horn sides with Buffalo bone and Turquoise center. Fits petite size neck.

Medicine Wheel Fetish #26

Medicine Wheel Fetish
$25.00US each or$45.00 US pair

Lucky sea bean thumper with rawhide handle and medicine wheel "Good Medicine".

Cock Guards with or without Tail #27

Cock Guards with or without Tail
$30.00 US

Made from Bull horn bone, worn at base of the penis. SIzes 2" or 2 1/2"

Bone Cock Rings #28

Bone Cock Rings
$15.00 US

Made from polished Bull horn. Worn on penis shaft. Specify your size: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2"

Wicked Feathers #29

Wicked Feathers
$15.00 US

Hold the Feather with rod against skin- pull back rod and release for a wicked sting. Hold rod and slap skin with feather with a wicked slap. Contains man made materials. 12" long.

Alligator Hornback Paddle #30

Hornback Alligator Paddle
$98.00 US

Ruff textured alligator hornback scutes on one side, smooth scale pattern on the other. Heavy duty paddle with rawhide bound handle.

Horsetail Flogger #31

Painted Pony Flogger
$120.00 US

Antler handle with beautiful extra long natural horsetail. Hair length 24" - 30". Hair color will vary as well as decorative trim.

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